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The hobby of collecting old and antique stocks and bonds is called scripophily. (In Europe, antique stocks are referred to as antique shares.) Although stock ( share ) and bond certificates may be worthless as a trading or redemption security, they do have collectible value. The scripophily hobby first started becoming popular in the late 1960's, primarily in Europe, and to a much smaller extent in the United States.
Since that time, the antique stock scripophily hobby has grown to an estimated hundred thousand collectors. However, the scripophily market is still considered to be in its infancy, compared to coin collecting ( numismatics ) and stamp collecting ( philately ). Some scripophilists collect antique stocks as financial artwork and decorations. Other scripophilists collect old stocks for their history and background. Certain scripophilists collect by specific topic which includes automobile, aircraft aviation airplane - airline, entertainment, oil and gas, mining, railroad, streetcar and trolley, and autographs. Autographs that have appeared on bond and share certificates include J. Paul Getty, John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, Harry Houdini, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Wells and Fargo, and several presidents. Other scripophilists collect by country: Canada, Brazil Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Great Britain ( England ) , Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Australia, Peru, and many other countries. Although we don't recommend that these historical documents be collected as investments, many collectors have found substantial appreciation in the value of their scripophily antique stock and bond collection.
We have been in the business of buying, selling, trading and researching old and antique stocks and bond certificates since 1975. We offer certificates in all types of industries including railroad, railway, streetcar, trolley, mining, oil and gas, automobile, aviation, aircraft, airplane, airline, beverages, beer, wine, liquor, entertainment, gambling, casino, horse racing, and many other topics; and we have in inventory some top quality certificates with the signatures of famous individuals.

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